Hi, my name is Rich, I am the owner and currently the sole member of the team at The Ark. I am 48 years old, and I am married to my beautiful wife Jenny. We currently have 2 slightly bonkers puplets, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Dexter (10) & Flossie (7).
We live and operate out of the little village of Pill, on the outskirts of Bristol, unlike most small villages around the country, Pill is actually far more famous than most realise, as we are the birthplace of the creator of the world-renowned singalong band The Wurzels, Adge Cutler and to that end, the equally famous, Pill Ferryboat.

The Puplets in Front of the Local World Famous Landmark

Dexter Up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

Although Bristol has been my home now for over 35 years (as you will no doubt hear from my accent), I am actually Edinburgh born & bred and I’m sorry to say that much as I love Bristol , I am and always will be a true kilt-wearing Scotsman.
Over the years I have owned and bred all manner of animals, from Rabbits to Canaries to Springer Spaniels to Patterdale & Fell Terriers and even a pet Polecat called Sandy!! It feels like a cliché and I know everyone says they ‘love animals’, however I truly do love pretty much all animals, even the less common ones, and as such I hope you will give me the opportunity to prove this fact to you.
Like so many people out there, not so long ago I had a bit of a lightning bolt moment, whereby I realised that I was at an age where, having only ever had 2 jobs in my life, combined with the fact that I wasn’t really getting the job satisfaction from my job anymore, I decided I needed a change before I got much older.

Up a Welsh Mountain with Mum

Floss gets angry with her brother because he likes swimming and she doesn't

I thought about my options for many weeks and months without much progress, other than knowing only that I wanted to work with animals, something that has been my goal since I was a child. Then the next lightning bolt hit, my Auntie who lives on the outskirts of Edinburgh had just bought a puppy from a registered breeder in South Devon, and because of the distance, she paid a local Pet Transporter to travel down and collect the puppy and deliver it to her………and just like that, The Ark was born.
As you can imagine, it has taken many, many hours of planning, training and organising to get to this point, but I hope now that we are up and running, you will give me the chance to prove that my promises to you and your pet or animal will be fulfilled when you book with me. I truly hope you will think highly enough about the service I will provide, to pass our details onto your friends and family………and hopefully you will come back to The Ark in the future.

Floss meeting snow for the 1st time up Cairngorm.

Visiting their cousin Rusty.

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